Membership Programs

1 Year Contract

  • $55 a month will get you a 1 hour massage every month for a year!

  • Unused massages will roll over to the next month!

  • Any gift certificates or extra services will be at the members rate!

  • Couples can sign up under one contract!

  • Call for more details!  970-817-5835


Membership and Billing Q&A

How do I join?

You can join in person at our location. You will fill out a form where you select what massage package you want, starting date and the billing method.

Any extra or signup fees?

There are no extra or signup fees of any kind. Memberships are taken out on the 1st or the 15th of each month. Until asked for a certain day.

Once you join, how will you pay?

Memberships are charged on the 1st or the 15th of each month. You must have a credit card on file to take advantage of our membership. Every month you are charged for a 60 minutes massage prepaid massage you can use anytime you want. All prepaid massages are rolled over to the next month and never expire. 

With a 1 hour member, how much extra are 90 and 2 hour massages?

Members get a credit on what monthly prepaid massages they said up for. If you want to upgrade to a longer massage you can use any past credits or just pay the difference for the extra time. 

How do I cancel?

Members  have a 1 year agreement to keep the membership rate. If canceled before the 1 year agreement there is a cancellation fee. After 1 year is up the agreement goes to a month to month agreement. If you join again your rate will be at the current membership rate. You have 30 days to use your prepaid massages once you cancel your agreement. However, prepaid massages do not expire and will remain on your account for you to use should you join again.  We are not able to issue refund on any unused prepaid massages. 

General Q&A

Can we share our credits? Do you have family plans?

You cannot share your membership credits with others. We do offer family plains. One other personal in our family can be on your same agreement. They can come in and pay the membership rates or use your prepaid credits if you give them permission. 


Any other benefits to join?

You will get massages at the membership rate. Also, you can get multiple massages through out the month at the membership rate.

What do you charge for no shows, cancel or rebooking massages?

See policies 

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